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multicolored background with auras over it

What is an Aura?

An Aura is a force that surrounds every living thing. They can be sensed intuitively and with sight. With practice, everyone can see or sense their own and other’s auras.

An aura can be felt with intuition alone, but most people like to assign a color and shape to their aura to visualize it better during energy work.

Seeing Your Aura

1.) Calm and ground yourself. Clear your mind of any expectation.

2.) Hold your hand in front of a wall or blank surface (preferably a white background)

3.) Relax your eyes and stare at your hand. You’ll begin to see a glow or light surround your hand.

4.) Take in whatever color(s) first come to mind. Don’t try to force or change it. Trust that your intuition is correct.

Aura Colors

Pink Eccentric, Emotional, Empathic, Flighty, Sensual

Red Ambitious, Egotistical, Driven, Passionate, Strong

Orange Confident, Idealistic, Leader, Outgoing, Youthful

Yellow Creative, Diplomatic, Friendly, Gullible, Optimistic

Brown Committed, Gentle, Greedy, Practical, Self-Assured

Green Compassionate, Generous, Healer, Jealous, Peaceful

Blue Expressive, Loyal, Moody, Open-Hearted, Sensitive, Spiritual

Purple Aligned, Enlightened, Insightful, Intuitive, Pompous, Secluded, Visionary, Wise

White Balanced, Blessed, Healer, Highly Spiritual

Black Energy Vampire, Illness, Lacking Energy


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