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pumpkins and candles on the ground with samhain over it

Season Autumn

Month October

Symbols Bat Figurines, Black Candles, Brooms, Cauldrons, Pomegranates, Pumpkins

Colors Orange, Gold, Purple, Gray, White, Black

Crystals Black Agate, Carnelian, Charoite, Clear Quartz, Obsidian, Pyrite

Flowers Heather, Poppy, Snapdragon, St John's Wort, White Rose

Herbs & Plants Belladonna, Bloodroot, Chamomile, Henbane, Juniper, Mullein, Pomegranate, Toadstool

Animals & Creatures Bat, Cat, Crow, Dragon, Fox, Gryphon, Moth, Owl, Toad, White Stag, Wolf

Powers Ancestor Work, Crossroads, Death, Divination, Introspection, the Otherworld, Release


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