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Cleansing, Charging, Warding, Banishing

a smoking herb bundle in an abalone shell with cleansing, charging, warding, banishing over it


How to Cleanse

1.) Find the target of your cleansing

2.) Pick an appropriate method

3.) Hold your intention. Stay focused and grounded!

4.) Follow up by filling the cleansed space with positive energy to avoid negative energies from coming back in

When to Cleanse

*When you get a new tool*

*When a tool/room feels stale or "off"*

*When your tools or space come into contact with a negative energy*

*Whenever your intuition tells you its time*

Cleansing Methods

Use the Elements Soak or sprinkle with water, pass through flame or smoke, sprinkle, or bury in dirt

Smoke Cleansing Pick herbs that correspond to your needs, light a bundle, and lead the smoke

Salt Select a salt that will help you achieve your goals and sprinkle it on the object/in the room, or bury the item in the salt

Moonlight Let your items cleanse in the moonlight, or open your windows to cleanse a space

Crystals Use corresponding crystals to cleanse a space or item or you can carry them around to cleanse your spirit


How to Charge

1.) Pick your target. Anything you want to fill with energy.

2.) Choose a method of charging that is appropriate for your item or space

3.) Hold your intention while charging. Stay focused on transferring energy to the target item or space

4.) Listen to your intuition. You'll know when an item or space has been fully charged

When to Charge

*After you cleanse a tool or space*

*When a tool doesn't feel as potent or feels weak*

*When energy becomes stagnant*

*When you want an item to hold a certain intention or purpose*

Charging Methods

Sunlight Set an object in the sunlight to let it soak up the energy

Crystals & Herbs Crystals and herbs that have been cleansed and charged can be used to charge other items

Elements Use the power of the elements to charge items metaphorically or literally

Visualization Picture your energy and intention flowing into your item or space and filling it with power


Warding is... a gentler form of defensive magic. It's used in a general sense. Warding is used to protect and guard from negative energies. It is used to redirect energy away from your or your space

Warding Methods

Guardians Create a guardian to guard your home or space from negative energies. Use a small object, enchant it with your intention, and keep it in a safe, permanent place

Crystals Corresponding crystals can be worn as jewelry to protect against negative energies. Placing crystals in a room or around your home will create a protective barrier

Salt Sprinkle salt around your doors and windows or make protection jars

Herbs Burn protective herbs and pass the smoke through your space or tools, or sprinkle herbal oils and tinctures on yourself and your space

Visualization Use your intention and energy to visualize a powerful barrier of protecting light around you or your space


Banishing is... far more specific and direct. It is a very strong form of defensive magic. Banishing is used to get rid of a particular energy, spirit, or person permanently.

Banishing Methods

Use the Elements Burn a slip of paper with your target's name on it. Throw a leaf with your target's name on it into a running river. Burn corresponding herbs and pass the smoke through your space

Candles Anoint your candles with corresponding herbs and oils, then burn it. When the candle has burned out, the banishing is complete.

Sigils Make your own banishing sigil or find one that resonates with you. Place it in the space or on the item from which you are banishing the energy.

Herbs & Tinctures Use herbal smoke to force energy out of a space or object. Make a spray or herbal tincture to sprinkle around your home


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