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galaxy background with taurus over it

Dates April 21st - May 20th

Element Earth

Colors Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Brown, Purple

Crystals Bloodstones, Green Calcite, Leopard Skin Jasper, Peridot, Pink Calcite, Spessartite

Flowers Fairy Wand, Jasmine, Morning Glory, Pink Carnation, Yellow Rose

Herbs & Plants Basil, Black Cohosh, Comfrey, Garlic, High John, Marjoram

Animals & Creatures Alligator, Gnome, Hedgehog, Raccoon

Strengths Practical, Reliable, Stable

Weaknesses Stubborn, Possessive, Uncompromising

Powers Comfort, Endurance, Intuition, Sex Magic, Money, Patience, Security


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