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Baneful Magic

witch altar with baneful magic over it

Understanding baneful magic is not essential to being a witch, yet it can be beneficial. Knowing about baneful magic can help a witch protect themselves from potential harm and make informed decisions about their practices.

However, it is important to note that the ethics and morality of baneful magic is a highly debated topic in the witchcraft community and should be approached with caution and thoughtful consideration.

What is Baneful Magic?

Baneful Magic, sometimes called "Black Magic", refers to the use of harmful spells or rituals to bring about negative consequences for others.

How to Protect Yourself from Baneful Magic

To safeguard yourself from unwanted people and negative energy, always keep some form of protection such as wards, crystals, or guardians. Beware of those you don't trust and never reveal your full name to them. Also, avoid leaving taglocks in public places which can be used by others for malicious purposes. Remember, it's important to set boundaries and protect your energy in order to maintain a safe and positive environment.

Taglock is an item with a personal tie to you (a piece of hair, clothing, your full name, dirt from your home, etc.)

3 Main Types of Baneful Magic


Jinxes are quick and temporary spells that aim to cause minor inconvenience or disruption. They don't pose any serious threat but can ruin the victim's day or week. A simple cleansing can easily undo the jinx's effects.


Hexes are stronger than jinxes, but they are still temporary. Generally, they last for a set duration of time, or until the target learns their lesson. They can be removed with a cleansing ritual with protective wards put in place.


Curses are the strongest and worst type of baneful magic. They are meant to last a long time, through a lifetime, or even through generations. They can be cast onto a person or a place. They bring great turmoil upon their target Curse removal is difficult. Sometimes, trying to remove the curse can make it worse. Oftentimes, the target needs to get the help of experienced practitioners, and/or powerful rituals.


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