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wood table with candles with a person holding a pendulum with pedulums over it

What is a Pendulum? A Pendulum is a weighted object attached to a string or chain that is long enough for you to hold and sway

How to Use a Pendulum Make Your Mind Ready Clear your mind, relax and focus. Quiet, instrumental music may help

Position Yourself Sit up straight with both feet flat on the floor.

Hold Grasp the pendulums fob between your thumb and forefinger. Arch your wrist slightly and steady your forearm on something steady like the edge of a table.

Programming Your Pendulum Before you use your pendulum, you need to “program” it, so that you can understand what it tells you.

Ask Ask your pendulum to signify what “yes’ or no” are and record which way it sways for each answer.

Tell Tell your pendulum what is “yes” and “no”. Most commonly, front to back is “yes”, side to side is “no, and in a circle is “no”.

Test Test your pendulum after programming. Ask it basic “yes” and “no” questions, of which you already know the answer.


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