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clover field with march written over it

Festival Ostara

Season Spring

Full Moon Storm Moon

Birthstone Aquamarine

Month Flower Daffodil

Colors Light Yellow, Gold, Grass Green, Blue, Purple, White

Crystals Blue Diamond, Clear Calcite, Green Agate, Sphene, Star Sapphire, Sunstone

Flowers Geranium, Hyssop, Jasmine, Lilac, Lotus, Marigold, Primrose

Herbs & Plants Angelica, Four Leaf Clover, Lady's Mantle, Lily of the Valley, Lemon Balm, Reed

Animals & Creatures Bee, Blue Jay, Frog, Hedgehog, Mouse, Unicorn

Powers Cleansing, Fertility, Luck, New Beginnings, Optimism, Prosperity


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