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Attitude Numbers

sunrise over the mountains with attitude numbers over it

How to Calculate your Attitude Number

Take your birthday, without the year

April 29th

The month (4) remains a single number =4

The day (29) is reduced --> 2+9 = 11, 1+1= 2

Take your found numbers --> 4+2=6

Your Attitude Number is 6

Attitude Numbers Explained

One Assertive, Driven, Influencer, Enjoys Proving Your Point

Two Enduring, Benevolent, Sensitive, Agreeable, Instinctive

Three Versatile, Magnetic, Intelligent, Savvy, Conversationalist

Four Sensitive, Reliable, Grounded, Peaceful, Somber, Analytical

Five Creative, Salient Artist, Enjoy Taking Risks, New Experiences, Brave, Open Minded

Six Harmonious, Social, Nurturing, Strive For Perfection, Healer

Seven Intuitive, Scientifically-Minded, Scholar, Love Mystery

Eight Secretive, Dedicated, Leader, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Financially Able, Bright, Open

Nine Prudent, Gentle Giant, Socially Aware, Saints, Martyrs, Humanitarian, Beast of Burden


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