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Major Arcana

tarot cards with candle with major arcana over it

O. the Inner Child

Upright Beginnings, Innocence, Opportunity

Reversed Holding Back, Fear of the Unknown, Recklessness

I. the Alchemist

Upright Manifestation, Inspired Action, Connection

Reversed Manipulation, Poor Planning, Waiting for Action

II. the Sorceress

Upright Intuition, Sacred Knowledge, Duality

Reversed Inner Guidance, Self-Doubt, Hidden Agendas

III. the Nurturer

Upright Femininity, Beauty, Nature, Nurturing

Reversed Burnout, Creative Block, Negative Self-Talk

IV. the Protector

Upright Masculinity, Authority, Leadership

Reversed Dictator, Domination, Lack of Discipline

V. the Elder

Upright Spiritual Wisdom, Religion, Conformity

Reversed Personal Beliefs, Morals, Rebellion

VI. the Connection

Upright Love, Harmony, Choices, Relationships

Reversed Self-Love, Disharmony, Imbalance

VII. the Guide

Upright Control, Willpower, Action, Success

Reversed Lack of Direction, Opposition, Self-Discipline

VIII. Vitality

Upright Courage, Determination, Influence

Reversed Inner Strength, Self-Doubt, Low Energy

IX. the Philosopher

Upright Solitude, Introspection, Inner Guidance

Reversed Loneliness, Withdrawal, Isolation

X. the Turning Point

Upright Good Luck, Karma, Destiny

Reversed Bad Luck, Breaking Cycles, Stagnation

XI. the Law

Upright Fairness, Balance, Truth

Reversed Unfairness, Deception, Unreliability

XII. Patience & Sacrifice

Upright Pause, Surrender, Letting Go

Reversed Delays, Resistance, Indecision, Stalling

XIII. the Path Forward

Upright Endings, Change, Transformation, Transition

Reversed Personal Transformation, Resistance

XIV. Discipline

Upright Balance, Moderation, Patience, Purpose

Reversed Imbalance, Excess, Re-Alignment

XV. the Shadow

Upright Shadow Self, Attachment, Addiction

Reversed Detachment, Exploring Dark Thoughts

XVI. Conflict & Opportunity

Upright Sudden Change, Upheaval, Chaos, Revelation

Reversed Personal Transformation, Fear of Change

XVII. Blessings

Upright Hope, Faith, Renewal, Spirituality

Reversed Lack of Faith, Despair, Self-Trust

XVIII. Dreams & Revelations

Upright Good Luck, Karma, Destiny

Reversed Bad Luck, Breaking Cycles, Stagnation

XIX. the Celebration

Upright Positivity, Warmth, Fun, Vitality, Success

Reversed Inner Child, Overly Optimistic, Naivety

XX. the Mirror

Upright Rebirth, Inner Calling, Absolution

Reversed Self-Doubt, Inner Critic, Ignoring Intuition

XXI. Universal Soul

Upright Complexion, Integration, Accomplishment

Reversed Shortcuts, Delays, Personal Fulfillment

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