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numbers over a colorful background with numerology over it

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a belief that everything in the world connects through numbers. The numbers 1-9 all have distinct properties

What are the Different Types of Numerology?

Life Path Number

Life Purpose and Lessons

the Life Path Number results from calculating a numeric value for a person’s date of birth

Destiny Number

Your Way of Doing Life

the Expression Number is the result of applying an alphanumeric value to a person’s full birth name

Soul Urge Number

Heart’s Deepest Desire

the Soul Urge Number requires calculating the vowels of a person’s full birth name

Personality Number

How Others Perceive You

the Personality Number calculates a number from adding the consonants of a persons full birth name

Attitude Number

Presentation to the Outer World

the Attitude Number results from the sum of the person’s month and day

Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers are a repetitive sequence of 3 or 4 numbers that appear in random places


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