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Soul Urge Numbers

white fluffs with soul urge numbers over it

How to Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

Take your Birth Name JANE MARIE DOE

Find your Vowels AEAIEOE 1+5+1+9+5+6+5=32, 3+2=5

Your Soul Urge Number is 5

table with letters and numbers

Soul Urge Numbers Explained

One Independent, Self-Sufficient, Great Leader, Confident

Two Sensitive, Emotional, Security, Comfortable, Powerful Intuition

Three Entertainer, Talented, Charismatic

Four Organized, Stable, Disciplined, Hard Worker, Logical

Five Enthusiastic, Traveler, Explorer

Six Diplomatic, Harmonious, Loyal Giving, Generous

Seven Analytical, Seek the Truth, Independent

Eight Successful, Driven, Ambitious

Nine Conscious, Idealistic, Generous, Unselfish

Eleven Moral, Intuitive, Problem-Solver

Twenty Two Intuitive, Powerful, Practical, Responsible

Thirty Three Teacher, Loyal, Understanding, Artistic

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